Here is a quick Guide to Dingle from Kathleen McAuliffe.

Where is the best place to go for Dinner ?

There are lots of great places to go to dinner in Dingle. Some of my favorites are Out of the Blue, Solas, the Marina in and James long's. The Fishbox is very popular, they catch their own fish and then cook it in their own restaurant (plus huge portions!)

Coffee ?

There are many good Coffee shops  in Dingle. 'Bean in Dingle' and My Boy Blue are very popular. Also i must mention our own coffee shop in the shops back-garden, Its a lovely secret and quite coffee shop and some lovely freshly baked cakes.

Best place to go for a drink ?

I love going to Kennedys upon gate streets for a drink. It’s a great tiny pub that lots of the locals go to, there’s often music there. They do amazing cocktails and they have the smallest snug in Dingle, so small its certainly worth checking out !  Otherwise there are original ones like Dick Max and Foxy Johns and Cullans bar are very good for a drink and a bit of crack.

What to do on a rainy day in Dingle ?
There is lots to do you everyday in Dingle ! You could go to see the Harry Clark Stainglass window in the nuns chapel, the very beautiful, very Gothic and highly coloured, Definitely out of normal things to do. You could go to the aquarium which is quite fun. Espically if you have kids it’s a very good aquarium you could just wrap up and go for a walk anyhwere because I think it’s nice there’s no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing. There are Lots of local walk's, feel free to ask us ! You could also go paddle boarding or surfing in the rain.

What to do on a sunny day in Dingle ?

There are lots of features all around Dingle you could walk to the beach just next to Lighthouse from Dingle or you could go Slea head drive and see the amazing Beaches and drives. Get a boat to see whales and dolphins around the blasket island or otherwise drive over the corner pass it’s a spectacular drive and it’s my drive every day when I get home to work it’s different every day and you could come over to CastleGregory or to Brandon point bandon point that’s great pub called Murphys on the pier. It does really good food so you could go for a walk, a swim and have something to eat and enjoy the weather. 

Best place to stay in dingle ?

I personally think is our Airbnb which is just above the shop sleeps for tall, brand-new fully eco-friendly plaster and breathable and an architectural design.