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Welcome to the news section, here you will find the latest information about our producs and events - Enjoy!


New Improved Face Masks

From Hat maker to Mask Maker. We now have a few months experance  of making Face Masks and have had time to adjust the design. We are now using a steel insert for the nose which gives a better safer fit and also has the benefit of being more comfortable.

See the Image for all the features of our Face masks.

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Face Masks. Hand Made By kathleen McAuliffe

Face Masks.

We never thought we would be making masks for a pandemic. Since Mid March we have been making as many Face Masks as possible. To help with the Covid-19/ Coronavirus emergency and as a way to keep busy and keep going as a business. Having the machines and fabrics in stock it was a relatively easy for us to make a few samples and start making masks

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We have given away around many masks to front line workers and to a local care home.

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We have been using natural Irish Linen for the face side of the masks, which has antimicrobial properties. On the outside of the mask we are using a mix of pretty Fabrics which we hold in stock. Made to be worn for extended time and as comfortable as possible.

 We are now have 6 colour options with plane styles or pretty floral prints. If you are going to have to wear a mask it may as well be attractive design and colour. New kids size now available.

Find our masks on here our website(click link) Kathleen McAuliffe hand made face masks

Offer, Spend over €50 on anything in our online store and get a free mask

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Make your own mask. I have put a short youtube film on how to make your own mask. Find ity here Make your own mask.

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Wax Cotton Hats from Kathleen McAuliffe

Stylish Rain Wax hats for everyday wear.

Wax cotton hats makes a great fabric for all year round use in Ireland or any country that has wind and rain. We believe we make the best possible Wax Cotton hats. We use high-quality heavyweight dry wax cotton, not the cheap oily stuff you find on some brands. Look out for our interlined styles which again set our hats apart. Giving the hat more body and shape than normal. Using our 25 years experience making hats we know what makes a great style. The image below shows our signature "Jess" style. A mix of colours  with beautiful "Magee Irish Tweed" trim. No need to worry if the hat fits we make a great adjustable lining meaning one size will fit nearly all head sizes

See our range of Wax Hats

€ 59,00
Classic Wax Pleated Crown, Velvet Edge

Style: Wax Pleated Rainhat, silk velvet edge Edge

Description:  Classic pleated crown  style.

100% Waterproof.

Fabric: Wax and Velvet.

Aprox Size: Ajustable 55 to 60 cm ajustable

Colour Options:See order box


Find our wax hat styles here

Wax Cotton Hat

Hats, hats.wax cotton, rainhat .

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