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Inch Blue Shoal Baby Shoes

€ 24,95



Inch Blue Shoal Navy Baby Shoes

Description: These Inch Blue baby shoes have soft soles made of suede which are perfect for newborns and pre-walkers. The softness is important so little feet can move freely, without restriction and grow naturally essential for good development

Benefits: Soft suede sole or natural rubber sole

               Elasticated ankle makes them easy to PUT on and STAY on

               Because our leather is soft and flexible our shoes are the next best thing to bare           feet letting little feet grow naturally

               Soft soles protect growing feet and also allow pre-walkers to feel the ground underneath them which helps develop a sense of balance and natural movement as they take those first steps

               Non -slip suede soles ideal for indoor and dry outdoor use

               Soft breathable natural leather keeps the temperature of baby feet regulated. Cosy in Autumn/Winter and Cool in Spring/Summer.

               Genuine Leather
               Sizes 0 - 12 (Newborn- Age 5-6)



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