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Hot Press, Best of Ireland and Irish Country Magazine

Nice to be in "Hot Press, Best of Ireland feature.Great magazine this issue for best of Ireland


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Also a Nice write up in “Irish country Magazine” of my favourite place. Only place not there is my shop!

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Wax Cotton Hats from Kathleen McAuliffe

Stylish Rain Wax hats for everyday wear.

Wax cotton hats makes a great fabric for all year round use in Ireland or any country that has wind and rain. We believe we make the best possible Wax Cotton hats. We use high-quality heavyweight dry wax cotton, not the cheap oily stuff you find on some brands. Look out for our interlined styles which again set our hats apart. Giving the hat more body and shape than normal. Using our 25 years experience making hats we know what makes a great style. The image below shows our signature "Jess" style. A mix of colours  with beautiful "Magee Irish Tweed" trim. No need to worry if the hat fits we make a great adjustable lining meaning one size will fit nearly all head sizes

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€ 69,00
Classic Wax Pleated Crown, Velvet Edge

Style: Wax Pleated Rainhat, silk velvet edge Edge

Description:  Classic pleated crown  style.

100% Waterproof.

Fabric: Wax and Velvet.

Aprox Size: Ajustable 55 to 60 cm ajustable

Colour Options:See order box


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Wax Cotton Hat

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